If there is a possibility in your workplace that someone could get trapped and stuck into a small confined space, you need to have your staff trained to deal with this emergency. You don't want to feel guilty or responsible for the loss of a life, and you don't want the liability concerns every day.

Bring in a team that does confined space entry and rescue training to prep your staff for what they may need to know someday. Here are some of the many benefits you will have when you invest in this training for your business.

Preparation Can Save Lives

When there is an emergency and someone is trapped in a confined space, they are at the risk of suffocation, immobilization, and many other things. Staff members can act quickly when they have been trained properly and they have a plan in place.

The staff member that gets trapped may also be more likely to stay calm and know what to do while trapped because they went through the training. This training could be a matter of life and death.

Training Has Legal Benefits

If your staff works in a high-risk environment, they probably have signed a waiver acknowledging that they are aware of the dangers. Providing the staff with this training to aid in an emergency can be beneficial legally if there is an incident with an employee. It shows that you were not negligent in the preparation for this occurrence and that you had an action plan and preparations in place.

Your Insurance Company May Reward You

Business insurance companies sometimes reward you for taking preventative action and making the work environment safe. These types of trainings may earn you discounts or lowered rates:

  • First aid
  • CPR
  • Shooter or intruder training
  • Confined space entry and rescue training
  • Fire or explosion training
  • Natural disaster training

You want your staff to know what to do in any type of emergency that could arrive, and that may be specific to your line of work.

Talk with a company that can do the confined space entry and rescue training with at least your management and shift leaders, as well as all the employees in your building if you can afford it. There are a lot of different things that you can prevent when you train your staff properly, so do what you can to help protect your staff and business from problems today.